17-3-2017 FLR Photo Shoot - Round 2

17-3-2017 FLR Photo Shoot - Round 2

March 30, 2017

Ok girls, so now we are getting styles to you every week we are busy, busy busy! Our model Sophie did an amazing job as well as our make up artist Lauren!

Before I go on... you can follow us on Instagram for more awesome posts on @filthylittlerich, follow the beautiful Sophie again on instagram on @__sophiecooper and finally... Lauren's amazing beauty techniques and styles on @makeupmcgovern.

Now that's out the way... 

Here's a quick spoiler of what happened an some styles that are being released...


Also we couldn't resist making her hair look sexy by doing this...

So jealous!

Anyway, plenty of styles coming in ready for you spring/ summer wardrobe! Also here's a little treat from us 20% off! Use the code: FLRBLOG20. 

We love you babe! Keep shopping! xxx

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