FLR Fashion Photo Shoot 8/3/2017

FLR Fashion Photo Shoot 8/3/2017

March 15, 2017

We are adding new styles! Finally! A range of bodysuits and dresses were shot today by a professional photographer. We can’t tell you how excited we are to add these to our website for all you gorgeous girls out there! 

FIRSTS THINGS FIRST –  the styles will be available this Monday! So get on our website and start shopping girl!

MAJOR DRAMA! – Our model almost couldn’t make it the day of the shoot! Trains are such a nightmare… honestly if we could have flown her in, WE WOULD! But as we are a start up company, a helicopter isn’t quite under our budget just yet, but all in good time!

NEXT! – We shot our dresses, bodysuits, play suits, jeans and did we mention dresses? Also, we got our model to do some off camera shots against different backgrounds and in different positions which worked really well! Keep a look out on our banners for those sassy shots… SPOILERS BELOW.

INSPO MESSAGE OF THE DAY – ITS NATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY!                                                       We just COULDN’T ignore this… being a woman is our full time job! We deserve medals for it. Keep your heads up and keep shinin’ babes! ❤


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